Coast Life Leadership

Gary & Susan Gelnette



 Pastors Gary and Susan Gelnette have been serving with Grace International in pastoral ministry for many years. They have been involved in church planting, along with being on staff at Grace Community Church in Houston, Texas. Gary has also served as a missionary in Arctic Canada for several years, as well as planting churches in the region. Susan has served as Outreach Coordinator for Coos County Pregnancy Resource Center for the last three years.

They have a passion to see the gospel brought to this region, and to reach people with the love of God. They want everyone to  know how much the God of this universe loves and values them, and desires a personal relationship, no matter what their past has been.

Chris & Teia O'Neil



Chris and Teia O'Neil have been pastoring in the region of southern Oregon for over ten years.  Their reality includes an ongoing partnership with the presence of God, while engaging others in His presence.  Loving God, loving family, making friends, and helping people are core values they live by every day.  They are both amazing pastors and worship leaders, and carry the  gift of prophetic encouragement and discipleship.  Chris is an impressive historian, as he studies and learns from the past great revivalists and moves of God, while ushering us into the current flow of the Spirit.  They have a beautiful son named Gavin, who is a wonderful blessing and miracle to them.

Justin & Tessah Denney



Justin and Tessah Denney have been enjoying ministry together for the last seven years.  Tessah has served as a youth pastor for the last decade.  In 2011, she married Justin, who has proven to be the perfect companion and partner in life.  Justin and Tessah joined Coast Life in the summer of 2017. Recently, they have been promoted to serve as pastors of the Coast Life campus at Myrtle Point. They refuse to accept minimal integrity, but strive for greatness.  They value and appreciate those who innovate, but have the hearts of pioneers.  Justin and Tessah honor and learn from the people of the past, and the paths they've tread, but refuse to have their ceilings limit their own. 

Kelli Schleis



Kelli Schleis grew up traveling all over the United States, until her family settled in Coos Bay.  She would help her mom find a new church each time they moved.  They have been active at Coast Life since 2011.  Kelli has helped in many avenues and aspects of ministry.  She currently helps with administrative needs, as well as coordinating various events and outreaches.  Her goal is to share the love of Jesus everywhere she goes, whether here or abroad.  She is open and excited for any adventures God will send her on.

Bella Freerksen



Isabella (Bella) Freerksen has been a part of Coast Life Church for many years along with the rest of the Freerksen family.  She has an amazing heart for children and compassion for the lost, as well as a purity that attracts young people to righteousness.  She is a recent graduate of North Bend High School.

Jeff & Angela Freerksen



Jeff and Angela Freerksen are key leaders at Coast Life.  Jeff is a true disciple to men, raising up young leaders to step into their destiny, as well as the head of safety for the congregation.  Angela is both a seer and a visionary, and leads the prayer warriors to victory in the Spirit over this region.  They both have true servant hearts, and are always willing to help in any capacity to bless our church and community.


William & Lisa Powell

Will & Lisa have been in ministry with Grace International for nearly 20 years.  They are gifted in Evangelism and Outreach. In addition, Lisa is an amazing worship leader.  The Powell's are in a season of transition, and are excited to be a part of what God is planning for Coast Life and the Oregon Coast!